Benefits of Closed Cell Foam Insulation

closed-cell spray foam insulation in Kentucky

Spray foam insulation is liquid polyurethane that, after applied, dries into tough foam. This type of insulation is known to be more energy efficient, safer for humans and to the environment, and can serve multiple purposes. The benefits of Closed Cell Foam Insulation make it the optimum choice for a homeowner. Below are the top 5 benefits of using Closed Cell Foam as an insulation solution.


More effective

Since closed cell foam insulation is a liquid when applied, and then expands to fill an area, it reaches every nook and cranny. This means your house will be better protected since every hole and crack gets filled in with insulation.


More efficient

This type of insulation has a much higher r-value than other types of insulation, making it the best type of insulator for your home. This means that your home temperature will have fewer fluctuations. The result is that you can save up to 50% on heating and air conditioning costs, and will also have less wear and tear on your HVAC system.


Easy to Apply

Unlike conventional fiberglass insulation, which is time consuming to install, closed cell foam is much quicker to apply. This is an advantage in that your labor costs will be much less, resulting in more money for other home projects.



Closed cell foam does not contain formaldehyde or other harmful ozone destroying chemicals, and are over all environmentally friendly. Traditional fiberglass insulation is also very flammable, which is not the case with closed cell. The last and most important safety concern is moisture. Foam insulation of this type repels moisture which keeps mold at bay and also protects the infrastructure of the home.


Added Strength

Because of its physical properties, after curing, closed cell proves to be much stronger than open cell, and since it is applied directly on the surface of the walls, eventually beneath drywalls and such, it becomes one with the wall, adding its own strength to the wall structure.

As one can see, Closed Cell Foam Insulation has several benefits versus other types of insulation. It's a much more effective material to use, is very energy efficient, is very simple and quick to apply, is a much more environmentally friendly product, and gives added strength the structure. Choosing insulation that best fits your needs and budget should be a well-informed decision, and should be based on individual needs specific to location. We will be glad to consult you on the best options for your project. Simply fill out our contact form located here and well respond promptly to answer your questions.

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